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Pink Leopard
Black Fur Camo
Rainbow White Leopard
Rainbow Pink Leopard
Lilac Fur Pastel
Black Fur Cheetah

You know the weekend is here when your human lets you sleep late. This harness is perfect combination of refinement and relaxation for that weekend brunch and day trip in your humans car. You can look marvelous in the passenger seat, barking at every vehicle that passes by.


-Minky Faux Fur  

-Crystal Applique

-Stainless Bootzy Couture custom Hardware 

-D-rings, clasps, webbing 

- Care instructions -

**Set your washer to "delicate" or "gentle" to protect the integrity of your rhinestones. Make sure your washer is using cold water, not hot, so the glue that binds your rhinestones doesn't melt. Delicate cycles are more gentle because they don't spin your clothes as much.

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