I want to start off by saying this is my first 'DOGUE' post, so thank you for tuning in.

    Bootzy Couture has been a passion project from the start to finish. 

    This picture was taken when I first started designing and was just a young pup during the pandemic. Wearing other peoples basic shit. Dreaming about some glitz & glam.

    Who would have thought building an empire would take this long??

    I was longing for something more EXTRA like the canine dog I am.

    But I can now say that I am finally ready to present to you all my very own Fashion line Bootzy Couture.

    When exploring the options to share my life style with you all, not only can you now purchase my designs, but you can also make it personal.

    I designed all the things out of necessity, my parents are always on the go and live a lavish life style so I had to fit in. 

    I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do ….

    Until next time stay CUTE


    Bootzy & B.


      Photo by : Daniel Sachon 

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