Casper stuns the crowd no matter what he's wearing, but he absolutely dazzles in our Gold Label dog collar, Le Swag. Casper the Dalmatian isn't just a model, he's an actor- you can say he's Made it in Hollywood!

Casper the Dalmation in our Gold Label crystal dog collar, Le Swag

He knows when and how to strut his stuff, and the Bootzy Couture team says he was made for Le Swag. He's got the personality to take on the town, and we had such a great time during our photoshoot. He's got swagger for sure, but he's a Lover Boy too- we know we love him!

I couldn't have my good buddy going around the town without his own custom collar! We made Casper a large Custom Confessions Collar with two big Studs. How can we send a big stud home without wearing one or two himself? Take home your Custom Dog Collar or send a Bootzy Couture gift card to your buddies' loving pup today!

As always, Love Bootzy!

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