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"Chic Collar" - designed in tribute to the Mother of Pearls herself - Coco Chanel. A unique pearl design sure to add a touch of class. Features one row of pearls for smaller dogs

A collaboration together with Object & Dawn we bring you a first look of our ¨Coco Collection ¨ .

Object & Dawn exists to deliver magical, powerful and artistic experiences to its clientele. We seek to give every wearer feelings of empowerment, boldness and connection to craftsmanship that underly every single, handmade piece with a focus on Longevity, Quality, Diversity in Design, and Positive Impact.


- Non-Leather Velvet Collar Design

- Features One Row of Gorgeous Pearls

- Custom Rainbow Electroplated Bootzy Couture Hardware

- Nickel Free

-Handmade to order

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